Recognizing Chlamydia Symptoms for Men

Chlamydia is a silent sexually transmitted infection. It is a very common infection, with over 3.5 million new cases reported annually. It is dubbed ‘silent’ since the signs and symptoms are not easily discoverable or noticeable. An infected male can transmit it to his partner without his knowledge.

It is triggered by a bacterium which is transmitted during a sexual contact. Less than 50% of infected men experience the chlamydia symptoms; this is quite a small number. However, if you think you are infected, there are several symptoms that you can look out for before being tested by the doctor.

Check if you have a cloudy or white watery discharge from the penis. If you notice such a discharge, then consider it as a sign of having chlamydia. This can be very evident if you have never experienced it before. Look out for this sign as soon as 5 to 10 days after having a sexual contact with an infected person.

Do you feel a discomforting pain or a “burning” sensation whenever urinating? This is another important sign to look out for; you may have contracted chlamydia if you experience pain when passing urine.

Is there pain, tenderness or inflammation around the testicles as well as round or on the penis? Feeling an itching that is very persistent and painful around the testicles and penis means that you have chlamydia. The sensation is often quite irritating and uncomfortable to bear.

Chlamydia symptoms in men are not limited to the genitals but also can be experienced or seen in other body parts. The symptoms can be experienced from the eyes, rectum or even the throat majorly relying on the way of transmission.

Bleeding, discharge and rectal pain can be important signals to let you know that you might be having chlamydia in your body. Especially if you had anal sex or just spreading from the genitals. Other rectum symptoms that one might experience include the presence of swelling around the anus and diarrhoea.

Getting involved in oral sex with an infected person can lead to contracting chlamydia in the throat. This causes soreness and discomfort in the throat. It is important to note that the infection can lead to eyes being infected (conjunctivitis) causing itching, redness and discharge from the eyes. This can be best prevented by use of a dental dam, commonly referred to as the oral condom.

Leaving Chlamydia untreated is can pose several hazards to your health. Male infertility is one of them, which is caused by damage to the sperm. It can also reduce the sperm production, urethritis and arthritis. Early testing and treatment is imperative if you suspect the person you had unprotected sex with is infected.

Online pharmacies like Dr Felix offer testing kits and treatment online, allowing you to be tested and treated privately and with discretion. If you suspect you might be infected it’s worth getting tested, even if it’s just for peace of mind.